Lecture by attorney Bartosz Wójcik at PUTW

Dodano: June 2018

On June 23, 2018, att. Bartosz Wójcik gave a lecture on selected subjects in the field of law at the invitation of students of the Pieniny University of the Third Age. Definitions of law, relations between constituted law and natural law have been presented. The problems and dilemmas that judges faced during the famous Nuremberg trial were discussed, as well as the current quality of legislation in Poland. Practical issues, such as selected consumer rights, including the rights of buyers in the case of concluding distance contracts, in the event of receiving the so-called unsolicited benefits, no response to the complaint, or the so-called telephone spam (i.e. intrusive telemarketers). Information on the course of the lecture is also available on the University's website: prawo w pigułce.

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